2   wheel   drive   conversions   were   the   origins   of   Trykit   Conversions   in   2002. Many    tricycles    have    now    been    converted    from    one    wheel    drive    to    the Trykit   cassette   based   two   wheel   drive   setup.   There   are   also   many   Longstaff tricycles   with   the   old   Sachs   double   freehub   that   have   long   since   worn   out and,   unable   to   obtain   new   sprockets   have   now   been   converted.   Longstaff single wheel drive trikes are converted too. The   Trykit   Cassette   2   wheel   drive   was   the   first   cassette   system   to   be   produced for   trikes   back   in   2002.   It   was   designed   and   manufactured   completely   in   house by   Geoff   Booker.   The   cassette   body   will   accept   any   Shimano   or   SRAM   cassettes up   to   11   speeds   without   any   spacers   being   added   or removed. Trikes    that    are    convertible    are,    Higgins,    Rogers    and Longstaff   machines   and   any   other   makes   that   incorporate   their   axles. Higgins   and   Rogers   machines   require   new   drive   shafts   to   be   made,   and the   cup   and   cone   bearings   replaced   with   deep   groove   sealed   bearings. The   shafts   can   have   either   standard   Higgins   /   Rogers   hub   ends,   Trykit   ends   or Longstaff   ends.   All   hubs   are   kept   in   stock   with   a   choice   of   spoke   drilling   to   suit requirements.   To   go   with   the   extra   sprockets   and   later   indexed   gear   systems, Trykit   also   manufacture   a   redesigned   gear   hanger   that   is   designed   for   indexed gears, and will also improve gear changes on non index systems. 2 WHEEL DRIVE CONVERSION PRICES All   Longstaff   two   wheel   drive,   single   and   tandem   trikes   converted   to   Trykit   two   wheel   drive      with modified drive shafts £360.00  Or with four new drive shaft bearings included £400.00 Longstaff one wheel drive to two wheel drive conversions £390.00 Rogers   and   Higgins   two   wheel   drive   conversions   with   new   drive   shafts,   and   deep   groove   ball bearings fitted to modified bearing cups. £420.00 Rogers   or   Higgins   Tandem   trikes   converted   to   two   wheel   drive.   New   drive   shafts,   New   outer bearing   housings   with   2   sealed   ball   bearing   in   each   side,   and   two   new   inner   bearing   cups   with single sealed bearing fitted. £575.00 
Rogers one wheel drive with drum brake. Converted to Trykit cassette 2 wd.      The inefficiant drum brake has been removed. Longstaff double freewheel frame converted to Trykit Cassette 2wd Higgins differential frame converted to cassette 2 wheel drive Higgins one wheel drive converted to Trykit cassette 2 wheel drive
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