Geoff    Booker,    director,    has    over    40 years   experience   in   precision   tool   and mould making. In   2002   he   formed   Trykit   Conversions Ltd   as   a   part   time   hobby   business   to convert    older    tricycles    and    tandem tricycles,    from    single    wheel    drive    to two   wheel   drive,   using   a   purpose   built cassette    body.    This    cassette    body    is Geoff’s   own   design   and   made   by   him in   the   workshop.   The   success   of   this unit   eventually   led   to   the   building   of complete   frames,   fully   built   tricycles,   tandem   tricycles,   and   conversion   axles. Trykit   also   undertakes   repairs,   modifications   and   refurbishing   of   other   makes of tricycle. He   commenced   riding   and   racing   tricycles   in   1998   and   has   regularly   ridden   and raced them ever since. Geoff   has   been   working   at   Trykit   part   time   from   2002   to   2007   and   full   time thereafter. There is always a strong demand for his services. At   the   2012   Para   cycling   Olympics.   More   than   half   the   field   of   tricyclists   were using   Trykit   conversion   axles   and   safety   bars.   There   were   also   two   Trykit   frames in action. In    the    2016    Olympics    Trykit    conversion    axles    were    used    by    the    majority    of competitors.   Gold,   Silver   and   Bronze   medals   were   won   on   them.   There   were also complete Trykit machines competing. Priority   is   given   to   quality   workmanship   and   service.   Most   enquiries   come   via email and are  answered promptly, usually the same day.  Trykit   is   a   one   man   (and   his   wife)   business   and   will   remain   that   way   for   the foreseeable future.  On   this   site   you   will   find   pictures   of   some   of   the   machines   and   work   completed by Geoff here in Oxfordshire.
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